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DESIGNEach project is different and each requires varying steps towards the final outcome. Your project may entail the modification of an existing space, design and installation of a new garden, customized window boxes or container plantings. An initial consultation, analysis of the site and discussions about the needs and wants of the clients are processed into rough sketches. Location and the adjoining architecture also influence style, plant selection and general look and feel of the space. Final plans are the result of budget approvals, revisions and many discussions. Designs are mostly hand drawn with photographic swatches detailing materials, containers, furniture and plant selections.When construction is necessary we supervise all aspects of hardscaping work done by contractors chosen by the designer or by the client. Unless otherwise decided, installation of an irrigation system is recommended at the time of planting. Proper soil is crucial to the health of plants and it is thoroughly amended prior to planting.Given the constraints of space, limited light, salt, winds and altitude it is necessary for a New York City gardener to have an extensive vocabulary of perennials, shrubs and trees and where they will thrive best while maximizing the desired effect the space warrants. Each garden is a unique environment and no planting design is the same.MAINTENANCEA garden is a constantly changing environment. It is important to monitor each project after installation and nurture plants as they mature. A weekly, bimonthly or monthly maintenance schedule ensures that the gardens look their best during the growing season and are prepared for the winter months. Regular visits facilitates the detection and management of pests, monitors irrigation and controls the shapes and sizes of plants. SHOW WINNIEÕS BEFORE AND AFTER GARDEN OR CLOSE-UP OF GLOVED HAND WITH PRUNERS Seasonal Planting Fall planting, installations for winter interest, bulb planting, plants and flowers for events and other seasonal plantings are available depending on clients' needs.